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Questions about Rocksmith 2014 tutorial


Hi there.
Q 1: Does this tutorial work with the original Rocksmith program and cable?
Q2. OP 2 has 2 ports-L and R. Which port do I connect the Rocksmith cable to.
Q3. Is it correct that the USB part of the Rocksmith cable goes to a computer USB port?

That covers 1, 2, and three of the tutorial.
Part 4: I'm already connected axe to pc.
Part 5: My Axe is already chosen in Windows sounds options.
Part 6: I have the original Rocksmith installed and working without the AXE FX2. But, what is meant by
"Turn down the volume of Guitar 1 to zero."

Do I keep my guitar connected to the axe's Instrument port?

Final Question: Do I have this right? Is it going to work?

Thanks for your guidance and help. Always appreciate it.


Ok. I think I got it working. Original Rocksmith really sucks vs 2014 Remastered. If you like learning viz z viz repetition, you'll
probably like Rocksmith 2014 just for all the songs it teaches you.
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