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question: update preset-banks with Fractal Bot ?



As my Axe Edit refused to work along, i just updated the preset banks through Fractal-Bot into my AxeFx.

Is this the proper way / or is Fractal Bot only meant for Firmware update ? (and not for presets)

and if so: how can i check (in my AxeFX) that my presets are for Fw10 ?

O.k. enlighten me please.

Anyway, enjoying the fantastic sounds; great compliments for Fractal.



All the documentation in the website and in the download states that right now Fractal-Bot is only for updating Firmware for the Axe-FX II and MFC-101.

In the future it will support uploading presets and banks and possibly saving backups from them as well.

I made a video that shows how to update everything without axe edit, the best way right now to assuredly update everything, other than Firmware as mentioned above.



Dear Chris, many thanks,
yes, you are right, it is stated as such very clearly,
But i'm a bit puzzled how i downloaded the presets by/through Fractal-Bot (as it is not meant to be, but worked ?)
i'm gonna check out your link to download in a proper way, to be sure to have the correct setting/presets. Thanks again for your support.
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