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Question Regarding the Variac


Hi all,

I faithfully utilize the variac feature in the amp block on most of my Plexi style patches in the Axe FX. I really like the extra squish / sag. Usually I run anywhere between 75% and 85%.

A few months ago, (not sure which firmware it first started, but I am currently running Quantum v1.01) I noticed a tone from the mid-range frequency when running at a lower voltage that doesn't quite sound right. Best way I can describe it is the guitar tone sounds muffled in the midrange.

This occurs across most of the Plexi style amps. ie: Plexi 50, 100, 1959, Friedman, etc. I haven't tested on other style amps.

If I run at full voltage, the amp sounds great, and the muffled sound isn't present. As I reduce this voltage, this muffled character becomes more present.

I should note I am testing with a very basic patch: guitar -> plexi amp -> 4x12 cab -> monitors. I have tried with several cab models as well, but always hear the same muffled tone character in the mids.

Has anyone else noticed this when using the variac? I might try adding a parametric EQ to pull out the bad frequency, but it doesn't seem like I should have to do this.

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