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Question on using AxeFx as audio interface


Up until now I was using a small Behringer mixer to route my analog signals from Output 2 to mix in my Windows PC sound card audio to my desktop monitors and use the headphone jack on the mixer when required . Output 2 was set up to " Copy " Output 1 in the set up menu.

Experimenting using USB audio connections since I want to use the Headphone output on the AxeFx to monitor the PC / Axe mix audio signal . The one on the Behringer mixer is sub standard .
The problem is that the PC audio comes out with guitar audio together via Output 1 which I use for my FRFR rig and headphone mix but only the guitar audio comes out of Output 2 which I want for my desktop speakers even though I have it set up to copy Output 1 .

I have the most up to date Win10 USB drivers and Axefx drivers .

Any experience on this configuration would be helpful... Thanks


It should be a PC-side setting to route the USB audio to Out2 instead of Out1. Maybe the Windows USB verifier might help if you can't control this in Device Manager?

Thanks will look into it more...

The USB audio is arriving correctly to the Axefx since it comes through Output 1 . Whats strange to me is that even with the setting " Copy Output 1 to Output 2 " set, only guitar audio is coming through Output 2 . Don't believe a setting on the PC would route that . Will have to keep digging.. Thanks again .


the other more pedestrian, juryrigged way to get around this for OP use case is to share the headphone out between headphone use and desktop speakers, which presumably you dont use at the same time. you could also use a stereo 1/4 /dual 1/8 stereo splitter and use both , not too elegant but perhaps workable
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