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Question For People Without MFC


How are people without the MFC switching from clean to dirty tone? Are you using scenes or have you bought some other pedal to do that? I don't think I'd use the MFC enough to justify the cost but would like to switch between clean and dirty.


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Any midi pedal will change your presets. That's a really easy way to do it.
You can get a used Midi pedal on eBay for less than $100.

Or you can also use a single button foot switch to advance a preset......best to read the manual to understand those capabilities (as I haven't really explored that option).


I have 3 controllers, the MFC, an old Roland GFC 50, and very small Midi Mouse, a used Roland GFC 50 is a nice small controller because you can plug in an expression pedal, works on batteries etc.. you can find them on Ebay fairly cheap.


I am all about scenes so I just quickly reach down and turn the dial prior to a solo and rarely use more that 3 scenes in a preset. It sucks but will have to do until my name comes up for the all coveted MFC. I think the MFC will present a lot more options for creativity in my presets and expression pedals down the road but for now I keep it pretty simple. Fortunately my current band project is new and we are not ready to gig yet or I would be stressn' it! :grey:


Thanks for the responses, I'm not familiar with Midi pedals. When you say it can change presets, does it only do it in order or can you assign what it switches to? FOr example, Do you have to have your dirty tone be preset 3 and clean be preset 4?
I just finished setting up a Rocktron Midi Mate.

5 buttons are configured to select from 1 of 5 presets from within a bank of 5. I have all these presets up to be running "clean".

There is a second set of buttons on the Midi Mate which I have set up to turn on/off Drive and Phasher Pedals for the selected Preset. Pretty much any AXE Pedal can be programmed to be turned on/off with these 5 buttons.


I use a Midi Moose. It works fine for me as I only use 3 channels on my AxeII (for now). I'll eventually be going to a MFC as switching scenes for Leads will make life a little easier.


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Our other guitar player was/is using a midi buddy and then grabbed an fcb1010. While not bad as an alternative, the MFC by far is the way to go for anything more advanced. The amount of my time wasted trying to configure cheaper solutions to save a buck far from justifies my time in this situation.


I'm thinking of a small windows tablet on top of the axe at the moment. would like to hear everybody's thoughts =)
Behringer FCB1010 is piss cheap, works great with the Axe (especially with the Uno mod) and gives you two workable expression pedals as well. If you just want it for switching scenes you don't even need to bother with the Uno (only really needed for StompBox type behaviour).
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