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Question for Fractal about plugins


I was just thinking yesterday that with G3 tech that Cliff should model some other HW and sell plugins. We'll see....


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I'm not sure how I missed this. I'm really just hoping for an AU/VST of AxeEdit. That would streamline my workflow quite a bit.


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Always good to have an anticipated product from Fractal. Like waiting for the flow of fine ketchup (yes, I'm old).


fractal could definitely make some amazing plug ins. i'm hoping for a range of EQs and compressors with "modifiable" circuitry. similar to how with the guitar amp business you can change transformer parameters and whatnot with knobs. im not sure of any other plug in company making plug ins with this sort of ideology in mind
Will these be plugins that we upload direct to the Axe Fx or will they instead be uploaded to our DAW?

I think we all seen these plug ins coming as soon as you made that "channel strip" plugin awhile back, sounds like you are going to start giving Slate etc a run for their money.


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