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QUESTION.. can I use scenes with a real amp?


Hey Guys,

I just wanna know if this is possible.. I suppose it's basically doing 4CM but using scenes in the same time.. See my example below. The amp I am using is my actual 5153 50w head (which has midi), in particular the Blue and Red channels. Happy to just use the red channel if both the red and blue channels cannot be used simultaneously.. For this particular patch/exercise, I am just using the Axe ii for FX, not for actual amp sims..

Patch 1 (MFC button 1):

Scene 1: EVH red channel + verb + detune

Scene 2: EVH red channel + delay + flanger

Scene 3: EVH red channel + phaser

Scene 4: EVH red channel + verb + boost + chorus

Scene 5: EVH red channel + drive + boost + flanger

Does this make sense?!



You can even setup another Preset to switch to the Blue channel with completely different effects, and use scenes with that preset.


Fractal Fanatic
Yes and if you have a midi controller you probably could use scenes with both channels of the amp with a scene selection on the midi controller switching the amp channel.

Ted Sunrise

Very cool, I want to look into trying that with a Carvin V3. Had the amp for years but never took advantage of any of the midi features. Good post!


It looks like the 5153 requires MIDI PC messages to change channels. I'm not sure if you can make the MFC send MIDI PC messages from scene select IA switches in Axe FX mode. You can with general use / manual IA's though. The Axe's MIDI mapping feature would also let you assign different MIDI PC messages to different presets and scenes and switch that way as well.
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