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Question about using Axe FX 2 Ultra in 4cm


New Member
Hi guys,

So I have googled and searched the forums for this but haven't found the answer - sorry if it's blindingly obvious and has already been answered a zillion times.

For the last many years I have owned and played exclusively through an Axe FX 2 XL. I've recently been given an opportunity to use a friends Rocker 15 + Reactive Load if I so desire, so I'm thinking about trying them with the 4cm and see how things go.

My questions are: while the Axe is cabled for 4cm, can I still use it independently? For example, can I use the right output or SPDIF in to my audio interface while the left output is being used by the Rocker 15/4cm? And if that is possible - can I route an Axe-Edit patch in such a way that there are two separate signal chains for both the Rocker 15 using only the FX Loop and another for the Axe FX as it would normally be used with amp & cab sims, and play/record both at the same time? Essentially a dual amp preset where one amp is the Rocker 15 and the other is an Axe FX cab & amp sim.

Man, I don't know if that made sense, but thanks for any help :)
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