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question about unity gain and level of distortions

Bjorn Goud

New Member
Hello, i have the fx8 now for about 4 months and it is just great. i can find my way in it, but i need to know something about levels of the distortions.
is it normal that the distortion final levels must be set to about 3 for it not to be way too loud compared to the fx8 overall volume when the distortions are not engaged? or is there something i have set wrong in 'unity gain'? i was under the impression that unity gain would level out extreme differences in volume, but i can be wrong about that ofcourse. Can anyone shed some light on this. It feels counterintuitive to have to set the distortions output so low, even though i do believe in the term 'when it sounds good , it is good'. i just feel something might be set wrongly by me.

Anyways, it is an amazing fx machine to me so far. :)

regards Bjorn


Distortion and overdrive are pretty much inherently NOT unity gain. The different amounts of drive will change the level drastically, so yes, a Level of 3 is fine if it keeps your levels where they should be.

Something like Chorus which adds an effect to the tone can more easily be unity gain because not much drive/gain/level is added. Compare that to an overdrive where the purpose is to increase the drive/level.

Note that you don’t have to always be at Unity Gain coming out of the FX8. If you want more level, then do that. UG is just a starting point, a nominal level, and you can increase or decrease as needed, but a good idea to center around UG levels as a base.
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