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Question about the hi-cut/low-cut on both amp and cab

Having a discussion with a friend who is considering picking up an Axe-fx II and a question came up about the cab block low and high filter, and I'm not sure of the answer.

I know the cab block filter is 6 db/octave, but I could have sworn at some point I'd heard that if the filters are set at the most extreme positions (low cut at 20 Hz and high cut at 20,000 Hz), the filter was off. Or is the filter always on? Again just a curiosity. Thanks to anybody who knows the answer.


even if it stay on, at 20 and 20k as a stat point ( frequency you can't ear) it would only drop by 6db per octave ....


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the frequency response of the Axe itself is 20-20kHz, so I presume that it just doesn't produce anything outside that range, and thus the default is essentially the floor and ceiling... aka yeah, it's "Off".
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