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Question about the arpeggiator


Power User
Hi all,

when using the pitch block as arpeggiator, 16 stages in 1/16, shouldn't the first stage = the first note of the sequence align with the click of the metronome, when run?
It seems to me that it's not the case.
If this is correct behavior, is there some way to do it?
Thing is, I'm using a trem block afterwards to simulate muted stages (or rests), but sometimes they align, sometimes not. I tried around with the start phase parameter in the trem, but I think I need to solve this at the arpeggiator.

Any ideas?
Best regards,
Nothing aligns with the metronome beat automatically. Arp & trem can be aligned by starting/engaging together w/ some control source.
yes, what you have to do is attach the envelope controller to the "run" parameter of the arpeggiator. you'll need to set it up so the values for the curve are... start = 45%, mid = 100%, end = 100%. run will start when envelope causes the ball to cross 50%. just hit your note/chord in time and off you go
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