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Question about frfr and studio monitor volume


When I plug the axe fx 3 into my frfr or studio monitors, is it best to have the frfr volume high and then control the overall volume with the axe fx? Or is it better to have the axe fx output almost maxed and then control the overall volume with the frfr/studio monitor speaker?



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It's really your call. In my case, I keep my CLR's around 11 o'clock, and I keep the AXE FX III at around 9-10 o'clock. I'm a bedroom studio player, so that's all I need. If I needed louder, I'd probably look to the OUT level on the Axe. If I still needed more, I might crank the CLR's. The bone conduction in my skull would cause me to lose my crowns/caps, and would distort my vision, but it COULD be done!


Good “gain structuring” usually dictates that you run most devices at about 75% of their max output level and then open up the volume controls on your “final stage” (in this case, amplification) only as much as needed to obtain the max volume level you seek. Since amplifiers are often the noisiest thing in most systems, keeping their controls low (vs. having the AxeFX output low and the amp wide open) should give you the best signal/noise ratio for a given output (speaker) volume level.


My approach to this is that I use FRFR as a stage monitor, and sometimes need to turn it up or down. It’s a lot easier to do that from a knob on the face of the AxeFX that to crouch down and feel around the back of the monitor.
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