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Question a bout Tone Matching!


I love the idea of tone matching, and I see some people get GREAT results. Well I had some questions that I hope someone can help me with.
I have MOOG files of some of the songs I want to tone match.
It is clear to me though that the Guitar track I want to tone match has multiple guitars on them.
By that I mean that it is a stereo recording, and it seems like there are 2 guitars on each side.
I could pan to one or the other side to get both individual tones, but There are still 2 performances with each amp. What I mean, is that for example the Left Side has 2 performances of a Mesa Recto, and the Right Side has 2 performances of a Marshall.
Will trying to tone match a doubled guitar effect the results?
Is there a better way? Does it matter that the rhythm I am trying to tone match is doubled? It does not seem like I can get the track with just a single guitar take.
Thank you in advance!
I love this forum!


The double tracked stuff can still yield great 'Tone Matched' results. The 'Tone Match' will just be an average EQ of the two (or more) tracks.
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