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Quantum Recto1 Red Mdrn + Suhr V30


Cab Pack Wizard

Yesterday was pretty epic for all of us! Here's my highlight reel. A nice Recto sound going through that Suhr cab with a proper English V30 speaker. Nothing else in the preset.

The crazy thing here is that with the Suhr cabs I feel like I have:

-A much tighter low end = I can have more bass in the amp block = Recto sounds fuller all the time and not only when palm muting

-More gain = I can lower the gain quite a bit on the amp when compared to my usual settings and still have a really agressive sound like I have here

-More natural presence = I don't feel the need to compensate to make my guitar bright enough. Instead I can turn down the presence and what I'm left with is very natural and extremely cutting in a mix.

And that's IMO the biggest strength of the ML Suhr Cabs: It almost forces your guitar to sit in a mix when your low end is tight, you lower your gain and you have natural sounding presence. I'll create a comparison of this at some point.

You know, i just read about the Quantum update and all and i was STOKED, these sound really good. What i hate is that i already spent time recording this whole new DEMO song to my band DAY before the update came.
It's only a demo, so i don't want to record it ALL again, but it would've been a blast that way haha... Oh well. Maby i'll still post the song here, even if it's OLD and ONLY a FW 20b :D :D
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