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Quantum 7.00 #2 - MESA Mark IV - Galaxy Metal Riff - [Comparison Sound-Clip]

Hyper Planet

Power User
Hi there, this is my short comparison clip between the first Quantum 7b and the second I used ML Preset bundle from Cab-Pack 7 which is called : ML Chaotic Arrangements, very cool name by the way ;)

Also I tweaked preset a little bit in order to match the preset with my guitar but %98 is exactly ML settings in both clip, I also didn't changed level parameter in the second sound-clip because I wanted to have the exact FW response to the same preset, the first one is Quantum 7 b1 and the second is the Quantum 7 #2,

To me the differences is subtle but very important pay attention to palm mutes section in the second clip you can hear a very tight, detail, natural tube feel sound also at the end of the clip listen to last chunky accents they're more alive, punchy, and again I can say tubes are working well in that moment IMHO

the guitar is Ibanez RG1820X tune downed to Drop-B and loaded with BNP-JUGGS pickups

What do you think ?

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