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Quantum 2.00 Tips Part 1


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Thanks Cliff, a great read. I know nothng about amp design, but as hard as i tried tweaking both suppy sag and other parameters,, i could only get the meter to reduce by -0.1 of a dB. Not saying its a bad thing, I was really excited to see a new meter on the hardware and wanted to see it go nuts, cause i just LOVE METERS! I use the VU meters in Utility all the time.
To see some action in this meter, Max out sag, master volume and input gain/drive and play hard with your guitar volume set to Max.
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Thanks FAS/Cliff
Its very interessting and learning a lot on tube behaviour.
And getting really hooked on reading and following the forums!
As being already an axe fx beta junky to try out lots of settings.


2030 news article reflecting on how Cliff inadvertently saved the tube amp industry as a new generation of gear heads got nostalgic and decided buy real tube amps to tinker and learn electronics. Then again, no soldering iron burns or electrocution hazards. Dragging a mouse to change values really is much easier!


Back when I bought my Axe II in 2013, as an old "Tube-head" I would have said that there were still things you could do with a soldering iron and a tube amp that you couldn't do in the Axe. With the later versions of the firmware, that situation has flipped. You now have much more fine-grained control of key parameters in the software. Who would have thought of twiddling with the turns ratio of an output transformer at will in the physical world?

I can't say how grateful I am that someone who obviously understands tube audio as well as Cliff does also has the math and programming chops to bring that to life in software.


Thanks for all the explanation. Very helpfully and more for me cause I'm new on Fractal Axe. Thanks a lot... Muchas gracias !!!
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