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Quantum 2.0, JS410 Lead Orange, Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright

Alex C

This was inspired by the new JS amp models, which have quickly become my favorite in the Axe-Fx. As others have mentioned, the presence control is extremely effective at adding midrange and brightening the overall character of the model.

This isn't the best demonstration of the full low end and thick gain that this model has, but I was really enjoying the bounciness of palm mutes and how well the amp responds to dynamics and percussive muting and picking. I kept playing the intro to this song, so I found a backing track and made a quick recording.

I used a cab block that I've really been pleased with and that I use on almost every preset that isn't Vox-based.

Stereo UltraRes cab
Left: Factory #60 (4x12 FRACTAL GB M160) - no mic (50% left)
Right: Factory #60 (4x12 FRACTAL GB M160) - 57 dyn (50% right)

The Factory #60 cab is really full and sounds very "in phase" and clear to me, but on its own is slightly too warm for my tastes and for sitting in a mix. I add the 57 to the right cab to add midrange punch and some pleasant sizzle to the high end. This cab even gets used on my preset with the Urban Tweed Fender.
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