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QCS12 vs. Mackie HD1221 vs. EV vs. Yamaha...


So I'm leaning toward getting a powered monitor/speaker for my stage volume and practice. I'm a metal player (no drop tuning though).

Which powered monitor would be right for me? I'm willing to take in all opinions and facts (volume, $, weight, etc). I supposed my #1 concern is being able to get enough volume out of 1 (with the $ I'd rather not buy 2, at least not now) so that I'm not drowned out at rehearsal.

Thanks in advance!



Peter, I see you are still loving your RCF. Hopefully I'm going to get some time with one in the next week.

Yall, I'll be comparing it with the Verve 12ma and will let you know how I get on. I have a good friend that has a pair of Yamaha DSR 112 and they are mighty fine. Although they are supposed to be 'flat' they do have a 'darker' sound. He plays plenty metal through them too. They are worth investigating.


That is a touch pricey Merlin. Not completely out of the question, but I certainly wouldn't be getting 2 of them anytime soon. Seems like a lot of you are using 2, and that's what I was hoping to avoid, although I suppose it makes sense.

Anyone have any thoughts on the Harbinger HP112? They have them on sale for a good price at GC right now.
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Just an update - I ordered the Yamaha DSR112 (as well as a Behringer footboard to replace my bricked All Access). Will hopefully have in about a week and will let you guys know my thoughts.
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