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Q2.01 - Plexi 50W Nrml - bright cap doesn't work [NOT A BUG]


On the Plexi 50W Nrml amp model there is no audible change when activating the bright cap, even with huge values. Checked using both the latest Axe-Edit and the front panel. You can change the values but no change in sound at all. I haven't played with this parameter on this amp for a while but I'm sure the bright cap had an effect in previous firmware revs (as that was the setting I used).

Now this model sounds different to the Plexi 50W Hi 1 model (which I assume is the 2nd channel/input from the same amp) when the latter's bright cap is off so you can't replicate the Nrml + bright cap with another model (i.e. if these 2 models were basically the same but one was with bright switch off & the other on).


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The topology of that model does not support a bright cap and the actual amp has no bright cap. Not a bug.


OK, thanks for looking at it. It's just confusing as the parameters are there. I'm sure it worked in previous firmware revs though.

Can always use the Bright knob to compensate somewhat.


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I agree with both of you, although the normal channel of that amp does not have a bright cap, it's also confusing to have visible controls in an amp model that do nothing. IMO, controls that do not function for a given model should be hidden or visibly different (different shading...). My dream would be an added tab in Axe Edit, labeled something like "Virtual" that showed a graphic representation of the amp being modeled with the exact controls and placement of controls found on the actual amp. Then, you would have your other tabs for editing advanced parameters. Yes, I know, it is a dream. :rolleyes:
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If the bright cap doesn't work, the next best thing would be to apply a filter block or peq block in front of the amp and boost the appropriate frequencies from there.
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