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Progressive riffs and leads playthrough video! (new OH EVM content)


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Hi friends,

I made another playthrough video!
It's a progressive metal (groove/melodic) tune that's played on my Ibanez TAM10 8-string.
That guitar is very nice and very versatile for an 8-string actually.

I used the brand new OwnHammer MAR-CB EVM expansion.
I have to tell you, it was a bit unexpected but that speaker sounds freaking amazing.
The midrange on that one is very good actually and it may just be one of the most versatile speakers Kevin ever put out.
In this case it works very well for heavy music as you can hear!

I used the MKIIC++ amp model.
No boost in front, just some pre-eq for cutting some low mids.

I hope you enjoy this one!



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Who needs to put on a smelly t shirt, collect the keys, pay money for a ticket and wait at a bar all night for the act to come on stage when you can just sit here in your boxer shorts watching the Bills game and bit of YouTube guitar awesomeness....


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I appreciate the kind words guys!
Seriously, if you are looking for new IR's with a unique but amazing sound I highly recommend this release.


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That's the EV-L?
Same here. I prefer the OH mix as well.
yeah, if I want some 'hair' I usually just use the OH1 qs.
If I need it to have a bit less hair and more roundness/body I use the OH2.
If I need more 'cut' I go for the PROG mixes and if I need a huge sound with big balls and easy highs I use the JS mix.
Don't need anything else really!
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