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Producer Cab Pack 3 - UltraRes


Just curious for those who purchased this Producer Cab Pack their reviews of both the sound of the cabs and the variety to choose from.

The 10 incoluded with FW 13 sound great but really about 2 - 3 of the 10 really caught my ear. Just curious from those who took the plunge and gave them a go.

Also, How many User Cabs are there in the pack? From sounds of it, I would guess there would be 50+?


Power User
Keep in mind that it will take awhile for folks to realize the full potential of Producer Cab Pack 3 - UltraRes. :)

E.g., we may see some killer OH UltraRes blends from Fractalites who use Cab-Lab! :encouragement:

I can imagine using Cab-Lab for blending OH and RW UltraRes IRs down the road too. :)
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