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Problems with power amp sound


I just got my new AXE FX II and it sounds awesome, through studio monitors, but when i connect it with a solid state power amp with guitar cab, it sounds without as much gain as with the monitors, it sounds almost as the volume of the guitar is rolled off. I tested connecting it to the power amp section of a Blackstar head and it sounds as it should be. I am using global cabinets disabled but power amp sims on. What i am doing wrong? I,ve seen many forum members using power amp with cabs and sounds great.


Im in the same boat as you my friend. I use a QSC solid state power amp and my Splawn 4x12 and it sounds a little more thicker....all i can think of, on every patch. Ive tried with power amp sims on and some patches sound better like the Marshall's and the higher hi gain stuff, but with the power amp sims off my mid gain patches have more oomph and the cleans are warmer. I think its more of assessing what works best for you. But every power amp is going to sound different and im assuming the Global Power Amp cant "recolor" it to sound exactly like going through studio monitors.
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