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Problems with FCB1010 and Axe-Fx 3

Greetings folks... Did a search but nothing turned up regarding this issue. Just got my Axe3 and I love the damn thing, but I've got an issue with my floorboard. It's as follows:

FCB1010 is set to factory settings.

  • When connected to my OG AxeFX pedal 1 on bank 0 goes to preset 000 (which it should)
  • When connected to my Axe3 it goes to patch 384 (which it shouldn't), that happens to be the first blank preset

And if I hit pedal 2 on bank 0 each goes in sequence, Axe1 goes to 001, Axe3 goes to 385... and so on for each pedal.


Video included for ultra specific purposes :
Great question, I have absolutely no idea... the Axe is essentially factory aside from the patches I've created. It's totally possible that I changed a setting on accident inside the settings, but I've read through the manual several times and nothing seems to match that description
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