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Problems with dealer in AUS/NZ on MFC-101


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Hey Guys, I am having issues with the Australian and New Zealand dealers of Fractal, is anyone else having problems?
The New Zealand part of Independent music is out of MFC-101 but the Australian counterpart is not. I have asked the NZ distributor about the wait on MFC 101 units to NZ and they can't tell me anything, so I asked if they can get anything through Australia and they have ignored me, so I emailed the Australian site and asked if they can send one to me in New Zealand direct and they have ignored me as well. Does anyone know these guys at all? I notice people are getting ignored regarding axe fx 2 waits as well so it might be time for a change in dealers? Just frustrated after waiting 5-6 months
I bought my CLRs through Independent and Andrew has always been quick to reply and fast with service as well. I had a CLR woofer amp go out on a Friday evening before a gig. I called him immediately and had a new one at my doorstep the following Tuesday. Try giving him a call. I've always called and have always either got him or a fast call back from him.

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Yeah i bought my AxeFx through andrew from independent music in Brisbane and he has been extremely helpfull, nice guy great little shop


I bought my axe fx 2 through independent music Brisbane and they were great. Maybe try giving them a phonecall?


Yes I am very happy with independed music
They always had stock of mfc and clr,s when people in the USA where on waiting lists.
The website always indicate if things are in stock or not
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