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problems importing presets and IR cabs

HI i am tying to import presets and the Ir cabs but i have no sound, i would imagine i dont have them in the right place,
can anyone tell me how i can get them to where they need to be?
thanks :)


Can you give more info?
  1. Where are the presets from?
  2. Is there any info provided on where the IRs should be located?


the presets are from tonecraft, this is what i found in the faq, notice step 3 is blurry and vague.
this is what i got https://premixed-templates-presets....ii/products/metal-legends-pack-fas-axe-fx-iii
as far as i know no info provided but it says to put them in the right location

The image in the 2nd link shows the first IR in U081... However, that link is for AX8 not Axe Fx III.

You really need to contact Tonecraft for the answer, though.


On a second look, the IR names appear to indicate the IR slot in the beginning of the name.


Axe-Fx III IR files should also have the Bank info in the IR file name? Example... U1-0023_Moke's IR Example. User Bank #1, Slot #0023 etc....
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