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Problem saving User Cabs above 50


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Help! I have a problem when I save user cabs in cab number 51-100. Very confusing results, but after a lot of investigation it seems that saving cab 51 ALSO saves the same cab to cab 59. The same thing happens to other cabs and the difference is always 8. i.e:
51 -> 59
52 -> 60
52 -> 61
58 -> 66
59 -> 51 now the other way around
67 <> 75
68 <> 76 now the whole thing starts again with an offset of 8
and so on

Cabs 1-50 work perfectly.
It's quite confusing at first because generally I copy the whole of the cabs to keep my spare AXE FX up to date, but the result is what looks like cabs all over the place!

It's also important to note that just checking in Axe Edit after saving shows the correct result, but after turning the unit off and on you can see the duplication. I assume there is some caching in Axe Edit.

Does anyone have any experience of this or ideas of how to fix/work around it?

I am using an AX-FX2 Mark 2 running Quantum 10.01 and Axe Edit 3.14.6
I've tried an older version of Axe Edit, but the same occurs.

The only idea I have left is that the all the User cabs I am saving are exported from my main Axe FX unit which is a Mark 1.
I've also not tested to see if the Mark 1 has the same issue, as I am reluctant to mess it up, but if push comes to shove I'll give it a go.

<update> I've just done a limited test on my Mark 1 and the problem doesn't seem to exist. If it's an incompatibility between the 2 units is there a way to convert the sysex files, or revert them back to IRs and rebuild them?
<update2> I've just rebuilt a CAB SYS file from a wav IR using Cab Lab 3 Lite and within Cab Lab 3 Lite I saved it to CAB #55 and the same problem occurred. Maybe a firmware bug in the Mark 2 or a faulty unit???
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