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Problem at ax8 display

Ronaldo Massa

New Member
I would like to buy an used equipement but there is a small line blank on the screen.
It is not a big problem for me but I am worried that the cause of the problem could be caused by something serious.
Is it a small screen problem or it could be serious (for example in the future other lines would have the same problem)

I have some pictures


  • DD25EEDA-F714-4451-9664-347F8E3960A9.png
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  • 1403EA81-79FF-4C85-9942-AFC58BCD52EC.png
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I see the line in your first screen shot but not in the second. Let an engineer answer (lots of them play guitar) but it seems to me that I occasionally see small glitches on my AX8 or II screen and it has not been an issue. Just make sure all the in and out ports, controls and LEDs work properly and you should be happy.


Fractal Fanatic
If the problem persists the LCD is defective. You can have it repaired by FAS service or ignore it. Doesn't mean it's going south.
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