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Princeton cab IR question?


New here
Hello All,

Can someone tell me what speakers are modeled in the 1x10 Princetone stock cabs? I am trying to best replicate my PRRI with Jenson C-10R. I have a lot to learn about speaker types and am just begining to recognize how much the cab impacts the overall tone.

I have the Suhr Reactive Load IR which I am using with my PRRI (bypassing the IR section) into AX-8 cab blocks. The factory IRs for the Princetone dont seem to match the stock speaker of the PRRI.

Cheers from Salem Mass USA.


I don't know the answer, but I do know there are 2 models of the Princeton amp from different eras... Possible the IR you mentioned is matched to a different model?


New here
thanks for the replies.

Can anyone recommend a factory or 3rd party IR that will get me closer to the Jensen C-10R? similar magnet? or speaker type? I'm a bit uneducated in the world of speaker specs.
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