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Price was hot and I couldn't resist......

Hi there

former long term AxeFx user (Standard and II Mk2) is back. I remembered the times when I had so much fun with my AxeFx back in the days, when I saw the unit in a local 2nd market for around 500$. So I thought "why not" and bought it......

hope I can fire up my old presets and enjoy as much as I did back in the days.
I'm rocking a pedal board these days, using the Ethos Clean Fusion II preamp pedal and a AMT Pangaea CP100 IR player alongside with some chosen pedals (from Strymon, Neo Systems, TC Electronics, ElectroHarmonix etc.) and currently developing my own high voltage tube driven Casanoverdrive pedal preamp (prototype exists). I have my sound, which I couldn't reach back in the days when using the AF2 Mk2, but this here is just to have some fun....and a Standard AxeFx is still fun these days! :D

Don't expect me around here as much I was back on my former account, these days were gone for good (also my bad feelings, stories etc.) , but I will turn in from time to time, might share my experience with a 1G AxeFx in 2019 ;)

PS: Note for FAS, Cliff Chase: The AF3 is a killer unit, I tested it in spring 2018 at the AxeFest in germany - playing my Telecaster using the Dumble ODS (serial 0102-type, non-HRM amp) and got exactly what I always wanted with the AF2 - I had some witnesses hearing my test drive, feedback, harmonic interaction, huge dynamic range, notebloom.....all there! In the past years I repaired and re-adjusted two real D's (4th gen, non hrm, high plate, classic voicing) and can confirm the rumors, the AF3 is the shit here! But to be honest - I don't need to take 2.5k$ to own one sound (even when this sound is pretty up in the 50-100k range). I just wanted to share this little experience and say "well done!" to FAS. :D


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