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Pressing Play or Record in Logic Causes Input Block To Bypass?


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I'm not sure what happened but today when I try to record my Axe-FX III into Logic Pro, pressing play or record causes the Input Block to become bypassed. There's no source in the modifier.

In fact, I just noticed that even if I don't select play or record and just click the Logic GUI with my mouse it causes the input block to bypass.

This happens even if Axe-Edit is not open.
I've tried deleting the block and adding it back in, other presets, creating a new preset.... still happens.

I cannot figure out what happened.

** Update: I just submitted a support request for this.
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Seems like Logic is sending a MIDI CC, and you have assigned that CC to that Input block in MIDI/Remote.
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I found it and it's set to CC #63. Do I set it to "None"? I can't seem to figure out how to get it to "None".

Oops... I found it. trying it now.


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Oh boy..... well that resolved the input block bypass but now the Flange Block is engaging whenever I touch the Logic GUI.
What the heck is going on?
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