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Presonus - The making of Swamp Grease at Oak Street Recording


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Thanks for the link. I just got back from a week of Jazz Fest in NO. Love seeing George Porter on bass on Day 2. It's not going to get better than that. I had a funny PreSonus moment the last night I was there. I was at the Maple Leaf listening to Papa Grows Funk, a great funk band from NO doing their regular Monday night gig. I was sitting at the bar briefly when I looked to my right and there was the sound guy with wireless phones and his Ipad controlling a PreSonus StudioLive boards. I asked him if he was living the dream and he beamed and nodded, "yes." He put the wireless phones on me and we got a pic. Phones sounded great and I watched him wander all over the club looking happy as a sound person can be. No wondering how it sounds wherever or if he goes to the bathroom, what'll happen if a solo level needs to go up or what if he wants a drink or any of the things that might've been an issue pre-wireless Ipad mixing.
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