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Presets assigned and saving to MFC101 Mark III


New Member
Simple question. I want to tweak or create a preset and once saved how do I assign to 1-5 on MFC101? (say 32 in AXFX to switch 1, 101 in AXFXII to switch 4, ect) All presets will include scences. Thanks everyone!


While that is possible using 'Preset Mapping', it is much easier to just reorder the presets themselves in the Axe-Fx.


New Member
Thanks as this is all brand new aside from my time with the AX8. So say I have 5 prests, saved to AXFX presets 1-5. I can simple assign to MFC 1-5 to correspond correct? I assume ax edit gives these options?


Presets 1-5 on the MFC are Presets 1-5 on the Axe (with default settings). you don't have to assign anything.

so as mentioned, just SWAP your presets around on the axe to the slot you want them on the MFC.
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