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Preset Volume!


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hello there guys!!how can i do to make all my presets have the same volume level?for example one preset sound with high volume and other preset sound with low volume,i really hate to adjust the axefx 2 volume knob all the time when i switch to another preset with high or low volume.


I am thinking about buying a small cheap external looper (e.g. like the TC Ditto) and use that as a tone generator... then I am in the believe that I can level presets withing a few procent doing that. Tried it using the AXE looper, but using an external would just be quicker jumping through the preset. Then I would of course create one preset that will be my master baseline for future reference, well just an idea.

Leveling presets is for me the only thing I struggle with using my axe in live situations... My presets are now as they should be, but it has been a bitch getting to this point..
Also I use a filter block in all presets, with a dedicated expression pedal. It is setup so that the pedal can adjust overall volume +/- 4db.... Then in live situations (during rehearsal) I have used that in real time. When the song is finished, I go to the filterblock and check the setting, and then adjust the amp block accordingly (+/- whatever needed) Just a thing that has helped me


If you’re using an MFC, I think there’s a way to assign 2 switches as vol + and -, with the live changes being automatically saved to the preset, but I can’t find the thread. If I remember correctly, the changes are even stored in the individual scenes within a preset.
If anyone can point you (and me) in the right direction (manual or thread)....


Yes correct you can assign switched to +/- vol in an MFC (or any other midi tool) But the down side is you only change it in the current scene, but still useable for sure ( I use that too)
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