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Preset number when powering up


i recently notice a change since I uploaded Q 8.2. I was used to see the last preset used in the former session to be called when powering up the axe (preset 36 for instance). Now the axe calls preset 0 at every powering up irrespective of the last preset I used. Not a big deal.

I tried to find whether the former standard can be reinstalled, searched forums and the documentation...but so far in vain.
Are other users experimenting this change?
Otherwise the axe fx works beautifully. A small question mark only.


Mine had an issue of always going up one preset on power up. If I turned off on preset 5, it would boot up and immediately switch to 6, etc... My only solution was to back all my presets up and do a system reset. I also took the opportunity to clean out a bunch of old presets, as I would save every iteration when creating new patches.


Fractal Fanatic
Have you had a try with the mfc and edit unplugged? The mfc may be sending a pc change on power up.
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