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Wish Preset Mode That Can Send Bank


Power User
My backing track fires bank/preset info so literally I can go anywhere in the preset list. The one drawback is when I just want to kick back and jam and go to say my top 10 presets. I have to pull up the MIDI tester on my computer and fire my preset of choice or get down on my knees and spin the knob and claw my way back up to my feet.

On the MFC, in preset mode, I can program my 10 fav presets on buttons 1 thru 10 but if my computer 'lands' me in a certain bank and I want to jam the 10 preset buttons are in 'that' bank.

I can put the MFC in song mode and create a fake Fav Song and lay out my 10 fav presets and the 10 buttons function as desired except then when my computer shoots me to a different location it is not represented on the MFC.

Wish is that in preset mode you can put the 10 presets of your choice on the first 10 buttons most likely by them firing both bank/preset info. That way you could go anywhere on your Axe and still maintain automatic operations and stay in sync.
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