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Preset Like This [Meris Hedra Pedal]

Alex Kerezy

I was wondering if somebody has a preset something like this Meris Hedra Pedal?
PARTICULARLY....... the sound fx starting at 0:49 and ending at 2:17



0:49 is a (diatonic to C major) 4th down, 3rd up, 6th up with 16th, 8th, dotted 8th delays. So basically use 3 voices in the pitch block's quad harmony delay type set like that. (The demo doesn't match the pedal settings shown before it BTW.)

Most of this stuff is fairly easy to set up with controls almost matching the pedal 1:1 once you select the appropriate pitch block type. The only thing I noticed that would require a more complicated routing is the 2-voice shifts with feedback going to the original or opposite voice only. Since the Axe III dual shift mode sums any feedback to both voices, you'd need to use no feedback in the block itself, stereo input mode, 100% mix, and build a feedback path with send & return blocks. Use a filter in this path to reverse left & right if you want cross-feedback.
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