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Wish Preset Levelling in a "Column" Window


I use a macbook pro 15 inch.

FM3-Edit window + Preset Levelling window are always one over the other. These are the 2 windows on my screen:

2 levels a sota.png

1 Levela davant.png

As all screens are wider than higher, I think it would have sense to reduce the empty room of the preset levelling window, and make it higher and narrower. Something like this:

3 wish.png

In this way, any window would be over the other one.

Also, the screen feels better feng shui. This feng shui go through USB to FM3, from FM3 to guitar, from guitar to our fingers, and son on.....
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Perhaps have this column view part of the edit window rather than a separate one.

Now this window can be moved to another displays (I think), so it's useful to have it independently.

But a button in the preset levelling window to toggle the window as independent and part of the editor window would be also useful.
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