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Wish Preset leveller 3 sec average


i normally use the waves level meter or the logic x loudness meter to level my presets, because having a short term average makes it very easy. just hammer on the strings for a few seconds and you've got a steady readout of the rms level. an average of 3 seconds is enough. would be great if this could be added.


Power User
+1 - when the tone is very dynamic (i.e. most clean channels), it would be faster to determine overall level with an averaging feature - even a peak light that lasted a few seconds would be a good addition.


I was gonna request this. Mean, median, or mode with the peak and trough. Maybe a line graph of the ‘distribution’ So we can see what it looks like


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Yes! All of the above! Along with the actual numbers, because the meters are too short to really read accurately.
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