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Preset inspired by Andy Wood from Axe-Fest


FAS Social Media Advocate
This is Not his actual preset, but just something I came up with today based on his amazing set at Axe-Fest last weekend. Amp is the 100w Plexi Jump with 2 legacy cabs(preset will be attached below). Scene 1 is just Amp/cab/sauce, and as Andy was doing, I added a comp with a 10db boost on scene 2, and a drive on scene 3. He used the Timothy but I personally liked the Tube Drive 3-knob.
The recording is just me noodling, starts with scene 1, then I hit the Comp 16 seconds in, and the drive/comp together at 48 seconds in. Have some fun and let me know what you think.
My gear used was my Suhr Modern, Axe-Fx III, direct to Logic Pro X with no post processing.


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