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Preset/cab packs you can still buy for the Ultra


New Member

First of: Happy new year to you all!

For Christmas my wife bought me an Axe FX Ultra (she's the best). This my first experience with an amp modeler and loving it big time so far!

Since I find the Ultra to be so good, I wondered that there should be still preset packs/cab packs available for purchase online. I googled around a bit but most if not all results are for the Axe II and above and hence not compatible with my Ultra

One thing I found is the cab pack for redwirez which I bought and is still compatible with my Ultra (tested and verified).


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I think presets designed for the Axe FX II do not work for the Ultra. I just randomly downloaded a II patch from axechange and tried it out: does not work (diagonal red line in Axe Edit).

Lars Byberg

New Member
Hi! I have downloaded free cab-packs from Own hammer and Re Wirez. Also Fractal gave away cab packs some time ago. Dont know if they are still available.
You should check out Leon Todds You tube channel for tips on dialing in the amps. He shows it on the Axe FX 3 but his tips work great on the Ultra.
I've purchased Axe-FX Ultra IR packs from RedWires and also ReCabinet, as well as the old packs from Own Hammer. Looking at the RedWires site now it doesn't look like there's anything Ultra specific, per se.

If you search for "recabinet" on these forums you might find something. Typing in the old, official www.recabi.net URL for the site that sold ReCabinet packs just redirects to the official Kazrog plug-in site. So, who knows what happened to ReCabinet.


Basically every cab pack provided as wav files will do the job. There's ML (already mentioned), there's ownhammer.com, there's valhallir.at, cabir.eu and possibly many others I'm missing. WAV files are the key!

Now, you still need a software that converts the wav files to syx. Look into http://archive.axefx.fr/Tools/old I keep forgetting which software does what. But you'll find what you're looking for :)


Cab Pack Wizard
Well damn. I've bought like 800,000 other Mesa Recto IR releases from other companies, but I'm sure one more couldn't hurt :D
800,001 almost looks like it's less than 800,000. :D I sure have a Mesa addiction. What if I just do more and more Mesa packs? Wouldn't that be perfect?
Hey Buco,

I had talked my friend into getting the Ultra so he could have an introduction into the world of the AXE FX :)

He needed some new presets and I remembered that many years ago there were some great ones that were made by Fremen (he provided them for free to us in the fractal forum).

You could either check for recent posts by me regarding the Fremen presets or click on my forum name and check through that option.

I received a reply back from a really cool forum member and he provided a link to download them.

They sound GREAT and I believe you would really like using them :)

I noticed you didn't mention how you were using the Ultra.

Will it be for recording, live, through a tube amp and speakers, powered speakers, etc......?

The cab packs would help you for recording and through powered speakers but if you are using the Ultra through a tube amp with your cabs then you should/would turn off the speaker simulation (you only need cabs for presets where you will be turning on the cabinet modeling (I prefer it set to off since I use a tube powered amp and my own speaker cabs)).

However, you might like some presets with the cab modeling turned on and not off which you will determine as you customize presets for your specific tastes.

Good luck to you and I hope you have some fun with the Ultra :)

cobra commander

New Member
We actually just released our first .wav format Cab Pack and it fully compatible with your Ultra. Check it out:
I'd be really interested in picking one of these packs up. Is there a tool available for standard users to convert wavs to the correct sysx format to loaf them into the unit? I've had a search and not found much


Cab Pack Wizard
Oh boy.. There used to be "back in the day" but I don't know if anyone still has a download link. I should have it installed on my computer. It's called "Axe-Fx IR Converter 2.0".

cobra commander

New Member
Thanks ML :) I *think* I found a cope here if anyone else wants to give it a bash..


When I get my back to my PC i'll give this a try, but that might not be for a while as its in storage.


I'm relatively green to this stuff, but that JAR file isn't working on my PC. Anyone have any insight?
JAR files requires Java to be installed. You might need Java (32) bit installed rather than 64 bit version, as it might not work for 64bit (Tuxguitar program I use wouldn't work with 64bit Java on Windows 10, but works ok for 32 bit version)
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