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Preset "Bounce Back" feature...


I have only set up my presets on the MFC to "get by" until I can have more seat time (the Axe II has all my attention right now) and was mapping and planning preset layouts in my head and forgot about the incredibly, incredibly handy bounce back feature from my GSP1101/Control2 setup...

Those not familiar with it, it allows quick changes between presets without moving switch to switch, a total asset live.

For instance ,switching between clean to dirty, or trading off leads with another guitar player,...you would hit your lead preset, solo, hit that same lead switch and it bounces back to your rhythm patch, push it again it returns back to your solo preset etc etc...leaving you to concentrate on playing and not moving your foot side to side in a quick exchange and possibly hitting the wrong patch.

Is this where people would use the x/y feature?...If so, I can't get my head wrapped around it to be as efficient as a single switch to bounce back and forth between 2 presets at will, and with no limitation of amount of effect/parameters etc....

If there is a way to do this with the MFC I'd be very grateful to learn how!
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It's already in there. Couldn't name it from the top of my head.
It was in one of the firmware updates, I believe.


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Yes, do this:

Click Edit
Click Setup
Click Page Left x 8 until it says 'GlobalPreset'
Use the Up/Down buttons to select 'BAK'
Click Edit one more time and your'e done!


Thanks guys so much.

I would have found it hard to believe a processing unit that can also allow space and time travel not able to swing a back or bounce feature...haha
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