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Preset adjustment and recording/mixing


It's mentioned in alot of discussions that one should construct presets at high volume for them to work best in a band/live setting. But what is considered 'best practice' for recording/mixing purpose presets? Any opinions on this?


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Good live presets usually transfer great to recording situations.

On the other hand - in some recording situations, you actually have the opportunity to tweak the preset while listening to the rest of the mix. That would be the best option.


yeah, it does make sense to tweak the preset in the context of the mix - but will it fall apart when played on loud systems, like presets constructed on low volume to be used live? In essence it's the same thing, right? Both might go through a PA ..


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A good live PA has way more dynamic range of a recording. So, while live presets will probably translate ok, for recording you will probably need some extra carving in the lows and low mids plus maybe some more top end (because of panning, perception and other stuff crammed in two channels).

On the other hand a good sound than inspires you to play will lead to better takes. I prefer to choose an inspiring tone instead of a mix ready one, provided that the inspiring one is not too bad for recording.
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