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Presenting... The Axe-Fx III


things get there when they get there; as soon as we have them, the anticipation buzz will wear off and we'll be right where we started... hahaha


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There was never a first of March projection. It was "early March."
Sorry @Rex , I meant the first part/weeks/etc of March, not March 1st. I know you're working on keeping expectations in check, just wanted clarify my question. Even though Cliff did say it was "expected to start shipping March 1st," I always took that as first of March... somewhere around March 1st. I know it could be longer, I'm checking with those in the know.
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Okay, I missed that.

Hey @Rex , seriously , I remember seeing it , but like @Rick said , I too was figuring 1st part of March ( hopefully ). No offense - calling you out on that one. :)
I know FAS is trying to keep up with expectations for a timeline , which is easier said than done.

As I said before , all of us wanting to buy the III are lucky there's a wait list , and lucky that @FractalAudio has given everyone an approximate date for the III to start shipping.


Looks good actually - but what happened to the feedback/interaction with real cabs for the power amp speaker configuration? Cliff mentioned he was working on that ages ago and that was a big part of the appeal to me of Axe III.
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