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Presenting... The Axe-Fx III


Does the space for 512 presets include factory banks or are those all user banks?

Does the FC-6/FC-12 have the same limitations of the MFC where it can only access the first 384 presets?


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@FractalAudio - Hey Cliff. What is the "FIR Accelerator" mentioned in the AX8 performance number on the CPU graph and does that refer to a stock AX8? Congrats on the launch!


Here is an example of amp channel switching. I switch back and forth several times between two channels, one less distorted and one more distorted.

I think that´s fast enough for playing live - and much better than the Axe II x/y switching. It will be fast enough for playing rhythm with solofills .Usually it´s better to switch to a solosound with neutral filter and an drive additional in a another scene without gabs.


One thing that would be cool would be the ability to use 3 or 4 amp blocks.
Useful in a band with one bass and 2 guitars by example or mixing amp blocks for reamping etc...
the more ampblocks are there in Axe III, the less gear will Fractal sell............We also do this in our band - two guitars through on Axe II MK II - works great, but a lot of programming.


Really cant wait for the III now!
I would really like to see the manual for this embedded into axe edit.
So when you hover over a dial or parameter it shows the corresponding part of the manual in a "pop up" window.
Would be really useful for the steep learning curve.. Especially if the presets from the II are not forward compatible.


Fractal Audio Systems is pleased to present the Axe-Fx III, our all-new amp modeler and multi-effects processor. Here are a few words from our press release:

"The Axe-Fx III culminates dozens of man-years of development in a truly state-of-the-art product. Equipped with four processors, the Axe-Fx III contains more raw processing power than any hardware effects processor ever made, by far."

You can learn much more about this exciting new product at http://www.fractalaudio.com

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May the force be with you!!

Congrats :)
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If you haven’t seen this yet check it out. Larry Mitchell playing on the new AXE FX III

Seems like Larry is having a good time....especially the jamming at the end :)

Display is a little bit diffue in the video - this was the Brit Super? Sounds very clear, very good.

The boot time is great !
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