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Wish Preamp tap block


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Hi there,
The need is to feed a traditional guitar setup (tube amp & cabs; tube power amp & cabs; SS poweramp & cabs,...) and a linear (FRFR, mixer,....) both at the same time.
In FM3 there is no 2nd amp block to "clone" (disabling the block poweramp stage).
Separate the amp block into preamp and power amp may be useful but not doable (rule #1 of @FractalAudio ).

So here is the idea: add a new block that "tap" the preamp output of the amp block (think of it as a "return" block feeded by the active amp block).

Most obvious use: Preamp tap block into output block, into traditional setup.
Less obvious: add other fx block, like a "traditional" send/return.
Unconventional: have 2 partial separate chain and "mix" or "alternate" the tone without poweramp (I think of Pantera...).

The only parameter I could think is level for each channel.

Any consideration? Criticism? Suggestion?

Note: this is not a PREAMP block. A real separate preamp (Triaxis, X88R, JMP1,...) has no interaction with poweramp; the tap instead maintain the interaction, it is a "perfect" send (no load) in a send/return of a guitar amp.
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