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Pre EQ Vs Post EQ


Ive been messing around alot lately realizing just how important EQs are and wondered if you gurus could tell me which you prefer. EQ before your effects or after your effects chain and is there a huge difference between the two?


Anything that is non-linear in behavior will sound different with EQ before or after. Generally, I think most people like to cut lows before and boost highs after. When boosting lows, cutting highs or dealing with mids is where it depends on what you are going for. All this of course is just generally so none of this is set in stone, try before or after and use whatever sounds better.


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Boost mids and cut bass on the way in..... cut mids and boost bass on the way out. A much better result than either on their own!!


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Pre-EQ is useful for shaping the pickups tone before it hits the amp. That has a different effect than shaping the tone that comes after the amp.

Pre-EQ can also be used as a substitute of the guitar tone pot.

Someone with bad hearing said at this forum that all pickups sound the same. While that is not true, some pickups with very similar characteristics can be approximated with pre-EQ.


Pre-EQ will have an effect on the distortion and also compression of the amp/drive. I think of post as corrective work to get that distorted sound to be balanced/fit in the mix/approximate what I want in terms of thump/warmth/fatness. As of late, my approach with almost any preset is to cut low end, crank the mids, and tune the top end for clarity in the basic controls. Post EQ and IRs help me get the bottom end back, cut out any harshness, and achieve what for me is a balanced sound.
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