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Fractal Fanatic
Hee hee... I like that!

I did a little recording session for someone at the start of the week - just one 4.5 minute track, lead melody all the way through and it was a piece I didn't know - just had to learn it from the writer's original synth lines. I've played purely live stuff for so many years now that I had almost forgotten how different it was to be hitting the 'red button'...

I noticed that it definitely sharpened my playing! I guess it's the links between hands, eyes and brain which get exercised..? It's not something you can identify as such, you're just aware that it's there :)

Trouble is, I need to find time to keep that up... without getting rockjaw!

Ben Randolph

Power User
Lately I've been laying down chord progressions in my looper and soloing, then playing myself back. Listening to yourself is very eye-opening. It's a great practice tool.
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