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Powering Down.


I mute the corresponding channel on the mixer, then turn off the Axe-Fx to avoid the "pop"-sound. Afterwards, I turn off the monitors before turning of the mixer - again, to avoid "pop"-sounds.


I use the carvin power sequnser conditioner AC120s. works great for power up and down with wireless system, axe fx 2, and two rcf sma 12 speakers, not sure how good the conditioner is in the unit.


DITTO: I use the Carvin unit that has time intervals between each plug being powered down. NX12's are first, then the sound system amp. Axe is in the #2 slot so it is second to turn on, and next to last to power off.


I dial down the output to the Matrix on my mixer and turn down the Axe's Output 1, then dial down the Matrix and QSCs and turn them off. I then flip the switch off on my Furman P-1800 PFR to power down the rack. I've corresponded with Furman and they said there should be no problem; but amps should always be turned off first as a rule of thumb.


Amps on last, amps off first

Amps can be separate units or inside powered speakers, so you might say "speakers on last, off first" but it's really the amp we're talking about.
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