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Powered speaker that the III fits safely on top of?


New here
Any recommendations?

Sold my Kemper to fund the FM3, so I'll need to use my III live for a bit! I have my III in a Gator rack case so it's pretty wide/deep.


James Nash

That looks really cool, although I wonder about weight. If it's similar to the MBritt cab (46 lbs), that puts the whole rig over 60 lbs. Not bad if you compare it to big tube combos, but it's more than this skinny musician wants to carry around :)

WW Audio

The Axe/XiTone combo is fairly heavy. I added casters to it to make it easier to move around. Not gigging at the moment so it doesn't need to get moved around much. I've not weighed the whole rig but I'd estimate it's in the 50 to 60 pound range. Much lighter than my old 5150 full stack rig and pedal board but definitely more than my old bones want to be lugging around. If I return to any regular live work, I'll need to find a lighter solution.
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