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Poweramp for EV ELX112


Dear community

I'm looking for a poweramp to drive an EV ELX112-monitor, which should mainly be used with the Axe-Fx II. I don't possess the EV yet, by the way. Obviously, the Matrix GT1000FX would be something like the best solution, considering the reviews in this forum, however, I can't afford it, at least not in the following 12 months. That's why I've decided to look for a decent PA-poweramp below 400 € (I'm living in Switzerland and mostly order such stuff from Germany). I do not consider using that poweramp to drive a guitar cabinet. By the way, the Matrix GT1000FX costs 749€ if I order it from G66.

Roughly a month ago, I've borrowed a Matrix GT800FX and a Crown XLS 1000 from a friend and tested them both (not specifically with the EV-monitor). I liked the former one better, but I couldn't exactly tell why. Anyway, I can't afford a Matrix, so I need to stick to "cheaper" PA-poweramps. I've considered following models, which are available at the store I usually order from (feel free to suggest other models, but ART-poweramps are difficult to get in Switzerland/Germany):
  • QSC GX 3 (I've read some negative stuff regarding TIM in this forum)
  • Crown XLS 1000 (already tested one, but without a comparison to other PA-poweramps, I can't tell anything)
  • QSC RMX 850 (scratches the 400 €-limit)

The EV ELX112 itself costs around 315 €. Together with a poweramp, it would cost me around 700 €. The other possibility would be to buy the active version (EV ELX112P), which costs 649 €. The downside is that if one day I bought a second one for some kind of reason, it would cost me more than buying two passive monitors and one poweramp. Furthermore, I don't know if the poweramp of the active version is any good.

I won't use the monitor in noisy places, therefore I do not require a massive amount of power. The noisiest place is the bandroom (does that word exist in English?), but a cranked up VOX AC15C1 cuts well through the mix, if you know what I mean, and I only want to hear myself from the monitor.

I hope some of you have some experience in using a PA-poweramp with an (almost) full-range speaker and can share them with me.

Best regards & thanks


Fractal Fanatic
I have the powered EV's and one is great, two are LOUD, or not, if you choose.
Its all personal preference.
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